Athulya Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre

Even though it is the 21st century seeking the help of a mental health professional is colored with several stigmas. These stigmas prohibit several needed persons from receiving the help they needed and could worse their condition.

Those who did sought counseling often fell under the trap of ill trained or duplicate so called professionals and forever label counseling/psychotherapy as a bad thing. The need of a trained and licensed professional in the field of counseling and psychotherapy is increasing in the present scenario.

Welcome to Athulya Counseling & Psychotherapy Center, which is a safe place for you to deal with your problems and to become a person you always want to be. We offer you what you deserve. The service of a trained and licensed clinical psychologist to help you overcome the issues/worries you are facing.

Athulya S Praveen

M.Sc (Psy), M.Phil in Clinical Psychology


Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Founder

RCI - Rehabilitation Council of India

Athulya S Praveen is a registered practitioner and her RCI number is A62875


We offer you what you deserved